What’s Up with the Red Onion?

I must confess...I am inspired by vegetables and I especially love red onions for many reasons; from the beautiful and vibrant color, that ironically is not red, to the many layers that unfold unexpectedly as we slice and dice these pungent bulbs, revealing a pleasant contrast of both bitter and spicy flavors that accessorize an otherwise bland meal. I know many people associate onions with childhood memories of being forced to eat vegetables that, to a young palate, may have seemed too potent, but I think in many ways they represent the many layers of life and how we experience things differently as we age and that it’s time to re-think vegetables in general. In our fast paced society, we (and I certainly mean me) can be far too dependent on convenience; and let’s face it, vegetables just leave little to be desired (let alone nutrients) when they are from a can or have been sitting on a warmer for hours in a restaurant. So here’s a news flash for you: vegetables are worth your investment of time! Vegetables shine when they are freshest; the more chopping that goes into a dish the better it tastes and the more nutritious it is (just thinking about homemade salsa makes my mouth water). Just remember, when we eat junk food (and yes, I do eat junk food) it takes away from the essential vitamins and minerals we should be getting from more nutrient dense foods like fruits and veggies, robbing us of the wonderful flavors, anti-oxidants, cancer fighting and disease fighting properties our bodies need to soldier on. So I challenge you to find creative ways to incorporate vegetables into your life so you can live life to the fullest!
Pam Brimberry


Weight Loss

Customized and innovative weight loss coaching with emphasis on training and educating clients so they are well prepared to not only achieve their weight loss goals but to maintain them for life.

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Empowering people to lower blood sugar naturally and effectively by teaching them to live and eat properly so they can enjoy a wide variety of foods.


Supplements, fitness plans, diets and too much information can be confusing! Let me help you sift through all the information so you can have the best health and wellness for you and your family.

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Pam Brimberry

Pam Brimberry

Wellness Coach

Hi there…here’s a little information about me! I have a Bachelor of Science in Nutrition from the University of Texas at Austin and I have been helping people with diabetes, weight loss, high cholesterol, food allergies, hormone issues and much more for over 20 years. I live just outside of Austin, Texas; I am married, and have 2 wonderful children. Some of my interests include: photography, tennis, wine, and (because I love helping people) I volunteer quite a bit of my time to churches and charities too.


Working with Pam has been a highly rewarding experience: she has taught me the essential concepts of proper nutrition, and in the process helped me attain my goal weight. She is consistently supportive and reassuring, creating a positive atmosphere that helped me work towards my goal. I highly recommend her services–this experience has been nothing short of life-changing.

Highly Rewarding Experience

One of the best things about this method of attacking those extra pounds is that it works! I lost 22 lbs in the first month, and that was by following the directions EXACTLY with no exceptions. Pam was there every week to cheer me on, and to offer her expertise as needed. Since I was and am a nursing mother, it was necessary for us to work together to customize my diet plan for MY needs. I love that! My skin cleared up, because I was no longer eating junk and had weeded out some of my food sensitivities in the process. My hair began to look healthier for the same reasons. The diet plan is full of healthy proteins and vitamins/minerals that our bodies need to look and BE healthy! I’m so thankful for my introduction to this eating plan, and look forward to its continued success in my life as I keep off those 22 lbs and keep heading toward my ultimate goal!

Sarah M


I have tried so many ways to lose weight. Over the last two years my family and I have eaten very clean, no preservatives, fresh foods, and I was exercising at least three times a week. Even though I thought I was doing all the right things, my body wanted to hold on to my weight. I had hit a plateau, and I couldn’t go under it, no matter how hard I tried. I was so frustrated that I never saw any results. Pam helped me not only figure out what I needed to eat, but also noticed some symptoms I had been having, that I might have some food allergies/intolerances. After getting some tests run, I found out I did have some food allergies that were causing inflammation and fatigue. That was a huge eye opener. With Pam’s help, I was able to break through the plateau I had hit so many times before. Thank you, Pam!

Tamara S