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BE HEALTHY AND LOVE IT…is an attitude and a choice that produces a positive change in your health, life style and culture; it will likely be a journey that is as unique to you as your finger print. One of the biggest mistakes people make is trying to change too many things at once; this is usually a result of years of self-neglect followed by disgust and frustration that ultimately leads to the classic over-achiever mode which is quickly followed by failure. A great beginning will start with some realistic reflection of where you are, where you want to be and how quickly you want to get there. Identifying reasonable goals is as important as realizing that what you have been doing isn’t working out well for you and that you deserve nothing less than health and longevity and that requires an investment. So many times I see clients who are aging and have neglected their health to the point they can’t enjoy the financial planning they have worked so hard to achieve and they are reduced to managing the ailments of the golden years instead of traveling the world and playing in the floor with the grand kids. Planning for your future is much more than signing up for a 401k; maybe it’s running a 10k, playing golf, cooking a nutritious gourmet meal for friends, getting those extra pounds off to relieve your knees, or getting your blood sugar down so you can avoid vascular disease. Let’s face it, health goals aren’t always as easy to achieve as we think; especially as we age. Did you know that it is estimated that we burn 100 less calories per day for every decade after 30? That means adjustments have to be made along the way and many of you have already begun to realize that what you did 10 years ago to lose a few extra pounds isn’t working for you now! Your health is worth your investment and your dreams can come true! You can be the size you want to be and feel great!

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